GDPR Compliance

& Data Assetization

Helios developed a software platform that not only helps our customers to become GDPR compliance but also turns their GDPR compliance activities into a new stable stream of revenue. The goal of our technology is to deliver an end-to-end solution that goes beyond the requirement of GDPR in order to unlock the value hidden in "data reserves" for data-rich traditional companies. Instead of hiding the identities of data subjects through anonymization, psuedolization, and desensitization as commonly done today; we provide an open and transparent framework of data assetization with a shared success model and a viable regulatory framework to encourage the development of a CLEAN DATA ecosystem

Enterprise Data Transparency

Helios developed a technology solution to identify and VIRTUALLY    consolidate critical data on enterprise network regardless where the data are located.  By helping our customers visualizing critical data usage against a series of AI-assisted pre-defined behavior benchmarks, we provide our customers with a multi-dimensional visual presentation of critical data behavior on network to facilitate effective enterprise Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-Centric Proactive Security

Helios developed a disruptive data-centric, proactive data security solution to complement the dominating network-centric, reactive security solutions that have been widely deployed to help our enterprise customers to further reduce their network data security risk, and to protect value for their shareholders and stakeholders alike

Secure Data Collaboration


REAL-TIME data usage monitoring and verification

Data collaboration within and/ or across enterprises is crucial for data value maximization and is also critically important for sustainable development of AI. However, due to technical limitations, data collaborating/sharing process has largely stayed opaque as a "black-box";  as a result, public trust was completely wiped out when the Facebook/ Cambridge Analytica incidence became public. Helios has developed an MIT OPAL-compatible secure data collaboration platform, a "clear-box," to provide transparency and security during data collaboration process